RECM 001 : Podcast – Introduction | What a Real Estate Career Can Do For You!


Well it has finally arrived!  The first session of the Real Estate Career Mentor Podcast!

You can download the podcast and listen to it on your computer of listen to it here on the blog.  You will also be able to subscribe and download it from iTunes so you can receive the latest episodes as they come out!

Because this is the first session together, I introduce myself and share a little bit about my background.  I also explain how the Podcast will work and what you can expect from future sessions.

Each show will have a structured format and I plan to have some featured guests!

I will include all information about the show here, with any links that were provided during the podcast.

Right click here to download the mp3

Items mentioned in this session:

Once iTunes has approved the show, I will provide you with a feed so you can download the podcast directly.  Also, you can subscribe to the blog HERE to get all my posts and podcast episodes.


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