This could be the most powerful way to deepen relationships and guarantee that you are the REALTOR® for the job!

personalnoteWhen agents lose deals or opportunities to gain business, it is often because the potential client doesn’t know how much they care.  What if we could change that quickly and effectively without costing a lot of money?

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

The secret is the hand written person note. I have found that relationships deepen much quicker with personal notes.  The client starts to feel that you truly care about them and will be more apt to take care of them.  I have made and saved thousands of dollars and can tell you story after story of how it has impacted my life and my clients and my agent’s lives as well.

I have heard many times how sales people who write personal notes often, have a dramatic increase in production.  In fact, I realized an almost doubling of my income when I started writing notes everyday.  I can’t tell you how many times people have called me to thank me for taking the time to write them or have sent me a thank you card in return!

Here is a quick illustration of my point. A family has decided to sell their home and have called two REALTORS® to come over and evaluate their home.  The first Agent arrives and does a very thorough job and provides an excellent presentation on how to market the home to get it sold quickly and for the most dollars.

The second agent arrives and does an equally great presentation for the family.  The only differentiating factor is that they quickly write a nice personal note thanking the people for the opportunity to earn their business and represent them in the selling of their home, which they drop in the mailbox before leaving.

All things being equal, which agent would you hire?

If you are like me, you would select the second agent.  Why?

Personal notes help deepen relationships much quicker because they take your most valuable resource, your time. They intensify the relationship by bringing feelings to the occasion.  Receiving a thank you note make people feel warm inside.  Congratulations on a milestone or event, or just saying “hi, I was thinking about you.”  It’s not that easy to stir up feelings like this in Sales however a quick note can make it happen.

Here are some reasons why I think every Real Estate Agent should be writing personal notes daily.

  • They take your most precious asset, your time.

They don’t take long to write but they take you most valued commodity.

  • They always get read.

Do you think a hand written addressed not could get thrown out without being opened?

  • They cost very little, and go a long way.

Personal notes are very inexpensive.  A quick note and some postage and you are all set.

  • They rarely get thrown out.

I see the ones I have written to my staff and Agents on their desks.  I have never been able to throw out any that I have received.  They have all meant something to me.

P.S. Please take a few moments and let me know how personal notes for you.  I love sharing with others how powerful they are and still continue to write about 500 per year to this day.

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