Think you are a good REALTOR®? The top Agents in my office said yes to the following 8 questions.

Business on a laptopAll the top REALTORS® in my office said yes to these questions.  If you can say yes to each of these then you are well on your way to being a top real estate professional.

1. Does lead generation always come first?

All top REALTORS® know that first and foremost, you must be generating leads at all times.  Your survival in the real estate world depends on it.  If you have a steady stream of leads coming in each and every month, you pretty much guarantee yourself a strong and healthy real estate career.  Business comes a lot more easier if you keep lead generation first and foremost as a real estate agent.

2. Are you always ready to do business?

Having forms and files with you at all times is a must.  Many times in my career clients were ready to list a home or see some houses that day!  Thank goodness I was prepared to do business.  Having a filing system in your car where you had access to buying and selling agreements, amendments and so on, is a must!  Even having a listing presentation that you can do immediately is a good idea; you just never know when you are going to meet a customer that wants to do a deal now!

3. Can you receive email to your phone?

cellphoneEmail is the easiest form of communication that we have in today’s day and age.  It’s simple to contact clients quickly to share information.  This allows clients to send you information or get a hold of you when the time comes to do business.  Clients and customers now expect immediate response.  Taking a long time to return email does not make good business sense.  I have agents that have gained clients by being the first to respond to emails.  Make sure you are ready to do business by quickly responding to email by phone, within an acceptable time frame.

4. Do you have a great REALTOR® website that generates leads while you sleep?

Having a website today is a must for any real estate agent.  Having a website that generates leads and captures customer information is even better!  Offering free information on real estate and real estate markets is a good way to gain clients and capture customer emails for future sales.  If you have a great website that can keep someone’s attention, and keep them coming back in the future, then great!  If not, you will lose potential clients that like to start their real estate search on the web, by not being prepared.

5. Do you have your sales targets written down?

Working toward a goal each and every month ensures that you stay focused on your business.  Make sure that systems are in place to attract and nurture leads so that they become future business.  Having a sales target is great for getting what you want out of your real estate career.  Working from a blank slate every day doesn’t keep you focused and can lead to many bad REALTOR ® habits.  This is your business, what do you want out of it?  Maybe you want a new car or a family vacation that’s paid for before you leave?  Have it written down and work towards those goals.

6. Have you done something to improve your real estate business today?

Making sure you move your real estate business forward each and every day will help you produce every month.  Doing something every day to help generate leads or move a customer along in your system will keep the business coming in regularly in your real estate career.  I know that keeping your desk and car clean is important for real estate professionals, but does that help generate new clients?  Make sure you do at least one thing each and every day.

7. Do you have a great listing presentation?

Many listing are lost each day because REALTORS® don’t have a great listing presentation canned and ready to go!  Your listing presentation should be full of facts and figures that potential clients want so they can make an informative decision about who is going to sell their most precious asset.  Being prepared for real estate sales ensures that your business grows and becomes as lucrative as you want to make it.  If you think you can just “wing it” in today’s market place then it may be time to rethink your business.  Why go through so much trouble to generate a lead if you are not going to have a great presentation that will earn you the business.  It’s hard to compete for business regularly if you are just going to lose it by not having a great listing presentation.

8. Do you listen to sales training media in you car?

REALTORS® spend so much time in their car showing homes driving from appointment to appointment.  Why not take advantage of this time to learn something new?  I listen to CD’s regularly, podcasts and news radio to keep myself up to date of all the latest and greatest sales techniques out there.  If I can learn a new way to pitch something or a new script while driving, it makes my time more valuable so I can be more effective in front of a potential client.  If you take the time to consider how many hours you spend in the car waiting for lights, stuck in traffic and then consider how much more you could learn about the real estate business, I think you would find that number very significant.

P.S. Did you answer yes to each of these questions? Do me a favor and leave me a comment if you have other questions that should also be answered “yes” to.  I do my best to make sure that has valuable information posted to help fellow real estate professionals do a better job and make more money.