The most important tool you need to get into the real estate profession is already in your possession!!

peopleMany people, who have thought about getting into the real estate business, worry a lot about where they’re going to get their business from.  I was the same when I started.  Many sleepless nights, waking up in a sweat, worrying about where the next deal was going to come from.  It doesn’t have to be like that, if you just tap into what you already have.

Your sphere of influence.  It is said that everyone you know, knows 3 people who will be moving next year.  If you know only 50 people, that’s 150 people that will be moving soon.  If you only worked with 10% of those, that would be 15 deals in the next 12 months.  Multiply this by the average commission in your area and you might be surprised that you have quite a bit of potential business in the next year, from the people that you already know!

In the weeks leading up to getting licensed as a Realtor®, it is crucial that you write down everyone you know and have their Name, Address and phone number as well.  From here we can attack the database by getting in touch with each and every person in it.  Finding out whether they are thinking of making a move in the next year.

Every time we come in contact with someone, we need to get them into our database.  Whether they are thinking of moving now or at a later time down the road it doesn’t matter. If you think of each person that you meet as a referral to 3 other people then you can quickly see the power in your database.

If you have this list complete and ready to go, once you get your license you will be able to generate leads which will turn into clients which will turn into sales.  Sales means money in your pocket and a smile on your face.

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