RECM 012 : The Listing Presentation Part 2


Listing PresentationIn this next session of the Listing Presentation, I go over the 3 step strategy I use to take a Listing.  I explain the process I teach and the order in which to do them.  It may also surprise you the order that I present these strategies in.

The Listing Presentation is your most valuable tool that you have in your tool box.  With a great Listing Presentation, you ensure that you are picking up inventory all the time.  A good listing presentation will not only get you the Listing, but will show your value and allow you to command  higher commissions.

In this session I talk about the actual Listing Appointment and the strategies for securing the listing.  I’ll teach you how to avoid being taken by a private seller (and wasting your time) and the 4 most important stats to include in every presentation.

In this session I talk about the following…

  • When competing, do you want to be the first or last to present?
  • Order of the appointment.
  • Ideas for your marketing strategy.
  • How to handle objections to your commissions.
  • The 4 most important STATS you need in your listing presentation.
  • Being a 1 stop Lister instead of a 2 stop.

Listen to PART 1

Thank you so much for listening.  There is great Karma in helping others, if you found this useful please share it with someone you may think needs it.


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3 thoughts on “RECM 012 : The Listing Presentation Part 2”

  1. Hi Marty – Thank you very much for the highly inspirational, as well as useful sessions.
    You do a lot of work so that others can provide the best service possible to the possible buyers/sellers and to themselves. You’re bringing a lot of goodness by opening the doors and leading into the world of unknown.
    I’m a new agent and don’t have the time to get to the office for the training sessions, but I always have 1/2 hour to listen to you and your insightful visions. I find that your style of speaking and delivering the information makes it easy to make notes during the podcast, which is great!
    Thank you so much for having such a kind heart and desire to want to help others.
    God bless!

  2. Thanks Matt,

    often my inspiration comes from my frustration when I was a new agent and had no direction what so ever. I had to research and practice on my own, often times “winging it”. Not a great way to sell real estate.

    Now I just pass along what I’ve learned so people wont have to go through the pain I did. At least now you have some guidance and something to work from. Keep in touch and let me know how you make out.

    Best of luck


  3. Hi Marty – thanks for doing these podcasts. As a part time agent, trying to make the switch to full time, I often need some additional inspiration and guidance that I miss out on by not being able to be at the office. This helps keep the fire stoked, but in particular, I really liked this episode – part 2 of the listing presentation. It broke things down into manageable, but more importantly, useful chunks. I enjoyed your discussion of the 5% or 6% options. Keep up the good work.

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