The 3 most important things you want to know when choosing a Real Estate Broker.

Brokers provide lots and lots of things that will help you launch your real estate career.  They provide a place to hang your hat, people to answer the phones for you, furniture and an office.  They may even provide a website for you and have advertising that you can be a part of.  And while these may all be very important, I believe these are the 3 critical things you should compare to help ignite your real estate career and rocket you to earning large amounts of commission while starting a very stable business.


Brand is so critical to any agents success yet many of them don’t consider it or don’t use it to their advantage.  The top companies in the world know about it and that’s why you see it everyday in your life.  McDonalds, Nike, Starbucks and Ford.  These companies understand brand and spend millions of dollars making sure you never forget it.  The same holds true in real estate.  Real estate is sold by real estate agents who use a brand name, some agents have built themselves up to be the brand name over years and years.

If everything is considered equal when starting out in real estate.  Why wouldn’t you work for a company with a huge brand name? Think of it this way, if you walked into any grocery store and went to the ketchup isle and saw Heinz ketchup for $1.99 and right beside it you say a no name brand for $1.99 which would you buy?  You guessed it, and that’s the brand working at its simplist.


0jxq9ca7ibaticaay4epccaie4pn8ca2wyr2pca38i8d3ca2qq3hxca21dushcabuktg4caqn734qca87a17xcapptkz0cac3o699carmq0c8cau5rq0rcakz1tzdca2y4foscaumag5dcarfnc2uca9jpgpxTraining is critical for new agents.  I have met hundreds of new agents getting in to real estate who think they can sell because they worked in a retail environment before, or they are a good communicator and have been told “you can sell anything”.

But when they finally break into the business they find out that real estate agents requires up to date training techniques.   Without proper training you will not have the ability to close, or how to move the client along to a sale.  You may not know how to generate a lead to find a client!  Proper training is critical to your survival in your first year.


04_03_5_thumb1So you’ve just read how important training is and wonder what if a client asks me something I don’t have the answer to?  Well if you have a good office with great support than you need not worry.  You can inform your client that you can get back to them shortly because your office has a manager and agents with hundreds of years of experience.

Having a manager ready to answer  your questions and who’s always available to you is important.  If your manager is a non selling manager that’s even better.  They will have time to answer your questions as they arise.  If your broker/manager is needing to sell to keep the brokerage alive then you may have issues with getting their time and competing against them for business.

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