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RECM 010 : How To Work With Buyers


Working with Buyers is a very important aspect of home selling.  Often the first clients we have as a REALTOR® are Buyers.  It is very important to know how to start a conversation and to push for an appointment.

In this session I’ll be sharing techniques for meeting new buyers as well as pushing for an appointment in your office.  I share a great idea for creating an outstanding Value Proposition for new potential clients.  I also cover how to get the Buyer Representation Agreement signed.  You definitely want to get your Buyers under contract early.

You can read an earlier post I made on Buyers HERE

I also mention about switching every conversation to a Real Estate conversation as fast as you can using an Elevator Speech.  You can read how to create an elevator speech HERE


In the quick tip I mention an App I’m currently using to make sure I get certain activities done each day.  The App is call LIFT and can be found here lift.do

Keeping on track with your most important daily items is crucial for growing your business and creating client relationships.  By using Lift to help you with daily reminders and encouragement, you can really make a big difference in your Real Estate Career.

All the best!


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