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RECM 025 : STAGE 5 – Team Building – Hiring Buyer Agents


In session 25, I go over how to start a real estate team.  Many new Team Buildingand less experienced agents are attracted to top agents and teams.  I share my thoughts on how to do it correctly and what to watch out for!  I also talk about the expectations on both sides of the team.

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RECM 020 : When Is It Time To Hire A Real Estate Assistant?


As busy real estate agents, we often get burdened with mundaneHiring an assistant  daily tasks that take us away from the really important things we should be doing.  Things like meeting new clients, negotiating offers, showing properties and taking calls.  We end up working 50 hours + each week and wonder where the time went.

We know that we need help, but we’re not sure if it’s the right time.

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RECM 016 : 8 Quick Tips To Help REALTORS® Get Things Done!


Time ManagementPodcast Episode 16 is where I share valuable techniques to help you get things done.  I cover different ideas that you can start doing immediately, on your own.  I also share an Idea that has helped me out a lot that involves sharing with many people.

I share a little story where an agent has put together a marketing plan for herself and sets out to complete the tasks necessary to fulfill her goal of completing the plan.  She has a limited amount of time to get tasks done and resorts to some useful techniques to complete the jobs.

Here are some Time Management things you can try to become more productive.

  1. Put a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on your office door.  (Remind other Agents that you don’t have time to chat)
  2. Use an Egg Timer for quick bursts of focused commitment to the task at hand, can be found HERE (previous post about Time Blocking)
  3. Track your activities and check them against your Goal to ensure that you are on track.
  4. Get an Accountability Partner. Check in with them each day to make sure you have completed your daily goal.
  5. Make up any shortfalls the following day.  As good as we are at reaching our daily commitment, sometimes things can’t be helped so we are forced to complete yesterdays shortfall of activity, today.
  6. Use the Calendar in your phone to book your appointments.  Set Reminders before the appointment.  I use 18 hours and 1 hour ahead of each appointment.
  7. Put your goal out there on FACEBOOK.  Make sure you have already created some good habits before telling the world about your goal.  (You don’t want to be embarrassed by not meeting your goals on Facebook)
  8. Create a MASTERMIND GROUP.  A group of 10 or so Like Minded people who want to grow their business.

There you have it, 8 simple things to help you get your time management under control and get things done.

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5 Painful Mistakes New REALTORS® Make When Starting Out In Real Estate

Every year, I see new Real Estate Agents enter the business and I see many of them leave.  Nobody said running a business was going to be easy, but I believe many new REALTORS® haven’t really thought enough about what they are getting into.  It’s a lot of hard work making it as a Real Estate Salesperson today.  80% of new REALTORS® leave the business in the first 2 years, that’s right, 80%!

Here are 5 mistakes that I see new Real Estate Agents making when they launch their new business.

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Scheduling Time to Rebuild Energy

Realtors accept that one of the best ways of creating a strong data base is by building Relationships.  It is strange than that little time is spent developing those relationships and making new ones.

Realtors tend to work long hours and in some cases let the job control them, they don’t control the job.  One of the most common complaints, “I don’t have time.”  That means no time for Energy Renewal, for building new Relationships and maintaining and nurturing the Relationships that we currently value.

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