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Are you a REALTOR® that needs business now?

Port DoverThe town of Port Dover is expecting 100000 motorcyclists today for its 50th Friday the 13th gathering.

Today is Friday the 13th which I completely forgot about to be totally honest.  But I got a quick reminder about 5 minutes into my hour drive to work this morning.  The roads and highways are filled with motorcycles which reminded me that every Friday the 13th, they all converge without fail on a very small town called Port Dover.

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Making a Positive First Impression in Networking


As I mentioned in previous posts, that first impression is important. “You never get a chance to make a first impression”. If we remember this in all of our dealings we won’t go wrong. It is said that people form opinions of you within the first three seconds of meeting you. Learn how to make the best impression possible.

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Networking and Relationship Building

Walter-Schneider-and-Ken-Goodfellow-150x150I had started to work on this Blog Posting prior to attending a meeting at Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc. Head Office in Toronto. While there, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to one of the founders, Walter Schneider being interviewed by Coach Ken Goodfellow.

It was amazing for me to hear him repeat the words that I had used in my previous post “Selling is a Contact Sport”. We need to get out there and create value.

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