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An Amazing Tip To Grow Your Real Estate Database By 30 Or More At A Time!

One of the toughest aspects of being a Real Estate Agent is, always having to look for new people to work with.  Adding potential people to your database should be an ongoing process.  A great goal is to try to add one person per day to your database.  But what if there was a way to add 30 – 50 at one time?

I have taught this technique a few times and the Agents that have used it have seen outstanding results.

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RECM 004 : Why I Put So Much Emphasis On Relationships While Building A Real Estate Referral Database


Welcome To Session 4 of the Real Estate Career Mentor Podcast! In this session I focus on Building your Database and I go into detail on the information you need with each entry or Client in your database.  We need this information so we can deepen our Relationships with these Clients to make a Strong and Healthy foundation for our Real Estate Business for years to come.

In this Session you will hear about :

  • Free software contact management vs paid early on in your Career.
  • The reasons why we need so much information on each client.
  • Understanding what a Referral really is.
  • What your yearly potential could be.
  • How much Referral Business the Top Producer is getting!

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Items mentioned in this Podcast include :

Microsoft Outlook
Google Contacts and Calendar
Apple iPhone

In the Quick Tip I talk about the DropBox application.  Check it out here DROPBOX


I really hope you have enjoyed this Episode of the RECM Podcast!  If you have any questions you would like to ask or you have some information that you would like to share, you can leave a comment below.

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Are you a REALTOR® that needs business now?

Port DoverThe town of Port Dover is expecting 100000 motorcyclists today for its 50th Friday the 13th gathering.

Today is Friday the 13th which I completely forgot about to be totally honest.  But I got a quick reminder about 5 minutes into my hour drive to work this morning.  The roads and highways are filled with motorcycles which reminded me that every Friday the 13th, they all converge without fail on a very small town called Port Dover.

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