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RECM 011 : The Listing Presentation


Listing PresentationThe Listing Presentation is your most valuable tool that you have in your tool box.  With a great Listing Presentation, you ensure that you are picking up inventory all the time.  A good listing presentation will not only get you the Listing, but will show your value and allow you to command  higher commissions.

In this session I talk about the first and second components of the Listing Presentation process.

The first is the Pre-List Phone Call

The Second is the Pre-List Package

In the Pre-List Package you want to put the following.

  • Your Color Bio with you and your family.
  • Testimonials – Show your competence by putting in past sales.Pricing Your Home To Sell - David Knox
  • Don’t forget to include the David Knox Video – Pricing Your Home To Sell which can be found at DavidKnox.com
  • Don’t forget to include a questionnaire for your clients.  This will give them some home work to do and let you know how they would like to be served.

Remember to ask for your Pre-List Package back at the beginning of your Listing Appointment!

By doing the above you are really setting yourself apart from most agents.  This shows your professionalism and that you take this business very seriously. 

Click HERE for Part 2 of the Listing Presentation


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