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5 Painful Mistakes New REALTORS® Make When Starting Out In Real Estate

Every year, I see new Real Estate Agents enter the business and I see many of them leave.  Nobody said running a business was going to be easy, but I believe many new REALTORS® haven’t really thought enough about what they are getting into.  It’s a lot of hard work making it as a Real Estate Salesperson today.  80% of new REALTORS® leave the business in the first 2 years, that’s right, 80%!

Here are 5 mistakes that I see new Real Estate Agents making when they launch their new business.

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RECM 006 : Building Yourself A Daily Real Estate System


In Episode 6, I talk about what you should be doing every single day in your Real Estate Business.  We need to be contacting our Database each and every month to make sure we are “top of mind”.  Many new agents get stuck on this, so in this Podcast I share how I was running my daily business.

When I met someone new on the street, I used a script similar to this, of course you can modify it to suit your needs …

Well while I have you here, I just wondered if you would be interested in my Free Real Estate monthly newsletter?  Every month I provide amazing information on sales in your area.  I also include some great tips for your home as well.  As I said, it’s totally Free and all I need is your Email Address.

Using this script I added 68 people to my Database in 5 weeks!  Now I can stay in touch each month and really be of value to my new potential clients.

I also mention the automatic monthly newsletter that many of my Agents are currently using.  It’s a monthly subscription but it’s really worth it when you get busy and it still goes out automatically!  You maintain your client relationships without losing credibility by missing a newsletter!  Check it out here, Automatic NEWSLETTER

I also mention that if you would like to setup your own newsletter, here is a great resource for articles.  EZINEARTICLES.COM

In the Quick Tip, I talk about a great APP for keeping track of all those Business Cards!  CARDMUNCH

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Marty Green

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