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RECM 009 : Value Proposition And How To Differentiate Yourself From Every Other REALTOR®


I have been giving small presentations on Value Proposition lately and I’m trying to get REALTORS® to view their Value proposition in different ways.  By adding more Value we differentiate ourselves and our ability to serve others.  When 2 Agents have no differentiating factors, the end result will default to Price.

By competing only on price, this forces the REALTOR® to take less money for their hard work and starts an Agent down a path that often leads to far less income and lots of frustration and resentment.  They work hard to generate the leads but end up taking far less money then the top Agents in the area.  The top Agents may do less transactions but put far more profit in their pockets by year end.

Understanding your value proposition and how to add to it will ensure that you command top dollar for your work and will work for you when negotiating your commissions.

In the Quick Tip I talked about a great website that I heard about from Pat Flynn, over at smartpassiveincome for converting articles that you want to read to mp3 format.  You can then listen to the article in your car or on your iPod or phone.  The website is Sound Gecko and can be found here…



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