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RECM 013 : How To Market To A Real Estate Farm Area


Real Estate Farm AreaIn Session 13 I share with you how to choose a real estate farm area.  I discuss different types of farm areas.  I go over how you can effectively market to a farm area.  I also share the process I followed and how I delivered value to my real estate community.

A REALTOR® farm area is a great way to generate business consistently.

I discuss how to attack your farm area through marketing doing flyer drops.  Once you generate and secure a Listing, you have many opportunities to market the new listing to your farm area.

I also mentioned the email blasts that you can send out as soon as there is action in your farm area.  You could also send out this information on a regular schedule.  Here is the script I mentioned.

  • Hello there, My name is Marty Green from Re/max Twin City and I’m the real estate Expert for your neighborhood.  The reason I’m speaking with you today is to ask you if you would be interested in my FREE  monthly newsletter.
  • Every month I let my subscribers know about local  home sales as well as home price increases.  I also include amazing articles on various home related issues that I think you will find interesting.  It’s totally FREE and all I need is your email address.

Here is an example of an email that I would send out as soon as there was some activity in my farm area.










Here is a link to the free email software you can use http://mailchimp.com/


Here is a great book I read years ago that you can consult for ideas for you to use in your business.  Some of my greatest farming strategies came from this book.

I don’t recommend anything unless I have used it myself.  I got great results once I followed some of the ideas from this book.  You can click on the book (affiliate link) and it will take you to Amazon where you get it delivered to you.

Thanks for listening to this episode.



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