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RECM 015 : How A Great Blog Can Enhance Your Real Estate Business


Real Estate BlogIn this session I talk about putting up a blog for your Real Estate Business.  I go over how a blog can be setup as a Niche website.  I discuss how you can connect with potential buyers and sellers through the comments to help build relationships.

I cover the 5 key elements each blog post must have..

  • A compelling Headline
  • A great picture
  • Use of Keywords
  • A call to Action
  • Engaging in the Comment section

I also give some tips on choosing a domain name to help setup your niche market.  I share ideas on what type of specialization you can do for your business and your niche.

If you want to choose a Domain name and setup your own Blog, here is the hosting site that I highly recommend.  HOSTING (Choose a domain name and get inexpensive hosting with a One Click WordPress Button.  affiliate link)

Thanks for listening to this episode.

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