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RECM 017 : Referrals Rock! Proven Tips To Generating Consistent Leads For Your Business


Get More ReferralsIf you’re looking to get more referrals from your clients, then you need to show them some love.  In episode 17 I go over ways agents are generating tremendous referrals for their business.  Just paying a little extra attention to your best clients and showing them how much you care, will go a long way for your business.


I share stories how my agents uses different techniques to move their referral business along.

Things I share…

  • How asking for Business can make a Huge difference!
  • How many referrals you should be getting.
  • The power of the client party.

Very simple ideas that you can use without a lot of money or time.  You’ll have a big impact and your clients will look for opportunities to help you and you will grow your business at the same time.

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When And How To Ask For Real Estate Referral Business

A REALTOR® that works from a strong Database knows that Referral business is the best lead generation going.  With referral business, the trust is already built in.  You are being recommended from someone who trusts you and has likely done business with you in the past.Ask For Referrals

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