RECM 021 : Your Activities Vs. Your Production Level


Over the years I have managed many agents.  I have watched as they production levelhave grown from brand new agents to very successful top producers.  I’ve noticed pasterns developing that all hugely successful agents seem to follow.  In this episode I share what are the most popular activities based on their production level.

Early on in an agents career, the most important activity is lead generation.  From that point on, lead generation will still be the most important task, however how that happens may differ.

I’ll cover the next level where automatic systems start to kick in.  I’ll go deeper into other stages as well.

In this podcast I go over the activities I see my and many other agents doing and how these activities affect their production level.

I also mentioned doing open houses and working with Buyers, here are the links to those episodes.

RECM 007 : How To Host A Well Attended Lead Generating Open House!

RECM 010 : How To Work With Buyers



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