Selling Real Estate is like Golfing?

Personally, I think Golf is the most difficult and challenging sport there is to play. No matter what, you never get it perfect and just when you hit that fantastic shot to bring you back again, well, you lose your game.

I am not a great golfer, in fact I wouldn’t even consider myself a good golfer but I do enjoy the game. I enjoy the personal challenge. The fact that, no matter what, I will never be perfect and that this game will challenge me mentally and physically every step of the way. I actually feel the same way about selling real estate.

Recently I totally “lost” my swing (what swing I ever had to be honest). I felt as if I had never played golf in my life before. Frustration doesn’t begin to describe how I was feeling. I am usually very much in control of my emotions but I came very close to understanding why someone might “throw” a club!

I canceled some games and headed off to the Driving Range. You probably know the joke about the stranger in New York, carrying a violin case, who stops an old lady on the street, and asks, “Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” With a glance at his violin case, she replies, “Practice, Practice, Practice!”

One of the oldest maxims in the world is that “Practice makes perfect.” This, however, is a dangerous half-truth that has betrayed many novices in many fields of accomplishment.

If you start to learn something the wrong way (which is usually the easiest way), the longer you practice, the more ingrained become your bad habits, and the longer it takes to correct them and get on the proper path.

As an example, I believe that a golf instructor would much rather teach a rank beginner than someone who has been playing casually for years – because the latter has already acquired awkward strokes and faulty footwork, and the first has to be made to “unlearn” these responses before he can be taught good form.

Well, I was doing just that! I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and the bad strokes were becoming habit for me.

Now why would this be like selling? As I was calling up my favorite golf instructor, Dave Smallwood, I kept thinking about the real estate agents who get stuck in a rut and can’t get out of it. Much like I was with this golf swing. I had to go back to basics.

1)                  Get a coach or a mentor and get support

If you start off in the business world with a great foundation and a strong sense of the necessary skills you will avoid so many of the bad habits that you can acquire. I have observed many people on the driving range that have been “taught” by someone who does not understand, nor can they teach the mechanics. Similar to those in the selling profession. Invest in yourself if you are serious and it will pay dividends.

2)                  Learn the Basics

Just like golf, there are essential steps to mastering the game. In golf there is the proper grip; the stance; the swing; the contact and the follow through. In selling there is the preparation; the contact and the follow through. Every component is necessary to be successful as golfing or at selling.

And of course:

3)                  Practice

Get the basics down; practice your scripts and ensure that your presentation is strong. Follow up with your coach and/or mentor. Just like a professional golfer, they continue with the coaching to keep their game at the top.

Invest in yourself, and happy golfing and selling!


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