RECM 026 : 10 Things You Should Do Out Of The Real Estate Gate


New Agent Startup ListSession 26 is where I talk about everything you need to be doing when starting out in your Real Estate Career.  Not wasting precious time and getting straight to lead generating is super important.


Here are 10 things you should be doing to get started…

1. Gather together everyone you know (your sphere of influence) by getting them into some sort of database.  This can be outlook or google (gmail).  Don’t forget  to talk to other family members as well, to get their input on who you should be adding.

2.  Get your Introduction Letter out.  Let everyone know that you are in the Real Estate Business Now!  This can be done in a newsletter style or even with some personal notes.

Sample Introduction Letter

3. Start calling through your database.  Make 2 or 3 calls per day and you’ll likely get through your whole list in one month!  An easy conversation opener is “hey did you get my letter I just sent you?”

4.  Book your first open house.  Remember to prepare by inviting the entire street!  [link]  Don’t forget to practice your questions.

  • When are you looking to move?
  • Why are you moving?
  • Is this the area you want to move to? (Where)
  • Is it just you or do you have children? (Who)
  • Is this the type of house you are looking for? (What)

Link to Open House Episodes Part1 & Part2

5.  Block off time to do your daily calls.  Time blocking is so important to make sure you get your daily activities done.  Usually in the morning is best.

Productivity Help

6. Plan a door knocking strategy.  Door knocking is quickly becoming the best activity for new agents.  People enjoy chatting and you wont get the door slammed in your face.

7. Attend sales training.  Sales training is critical for all new agents.   These times should be blocked off in your calendar right away so you don’t double book yourself.

8. Get an accountability partner.  It’s so great to partner up and push one another.  This will keep you sharp and ensure that your daily activities are getting done.

9. Practice your Listing Presentation.  Don’t just go out and wing it.  Being prepared for tough questions is important and will ensure that you look professional.

Listing Presentation Part1

Listing Presentation Part2

10. Put together your buyers package.  Having a great Buyers Package ensures you have a great Value Proposition for getting potential clients to meet with you at your office.  Remember, you need to have a greater value proposition then the hour or so that you are asking them to meet with you.

Working With Buyers

Hopefully this helps you launch your new real estate career!!



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