Launch Your Real Estate Career – FREE REALTOR® Introduction Letter

If you are a new REALTOR® or just getting started in your Real Estate Career, you have limited time to get your name out there to start generating leads.  Because Real Estate Commissions are not paid until properties close, that means you are doing business now that will actually pay you months down the road.

Reltor Introduction Letter

If you are brand new in your real estate career, this could mean an early exit from the industry if you can’t get any deals done right away.  Not having leads early on, can put a lot of pressure on you and quickly change your overall outlook on this wonderful sales industry.

A quick way to let everyone know about your switch to a new and exciting real estate career is to use an Introduction Letter!

I have read many posts suggesting that the real estate introduction letter is dead and that it shouldn’t be used anymore.  I agree that with the advent of social media technologies, that the introductory letter may not be used as much, however I feel it still can be a very important piece in launching your new real estate career!

Let’s face it, we don’t have time to waste in the first few months.  We need to generate leads now!   If people don’t know we are in the business they will look for help elsewhere.  So why not let them know that we are here for them and see if we can help them with their Real Estate Needs now!

Your objective with this introduction letter is to let your sphere of influence know that you are in the business and to offer value on an ongoing basis.  After all, by providing Value is what will separate us from all the other Real Estate Agents out there!  We need to be different, we need to stand out from the crowd.

The more Value you can offer, the more clients you will retain.  Why would anyone switch Agents when their current agent is providing everything they need?

I have included a sample introduction letter HERE.  Please feel free to use it and modify it as needed for your business.

Make sure you include your contact information on all social platforms as well.  We want to make it easy for potential clients to find us.  So add your Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter accounts as well as your Website.

Even if you are not new to the industry, you can still use an introduction letter.  Instead of saying that you are launching your new Real Estate Career, mention that you are starting a new Marketing Plan and lay out how you are going to stay in touch with them.

The key is to stay in touch!  You need to contact everyone once your letter has gone out. Make sure they’ve received the letter and don’t forget to ask them if they know anyone who may be thinking of making a move and needs your services.

Good luck!!

Click here to view the Realtor Introduction Letter

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged.  Thanks!


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7 thoughts on “Launch Your Real Estate Career – FREE REALTOR® Introduction Letter”

  1. Such a great idea and extremely helpful template! I just started out in Real Estate and have been brainstorming how to market myself. This is a great start!

  2. I really appreciate your article “10 things you should be doing …. ” . I’m a new licensee, here in Vancouver, still undecided which brokerage to go for. Your topics have provided me helpful insights and I will keep learning from your invaluable information and tips. Thanks again.

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