RECM 023 : STAGE 2 Real Estate Systems


In Session 23, I talk about the much needed systems an Agent puts in Real Estate Systemsplace to make sure leads and potential business don’t slip through the cracks.  Having systems on autopilot is a must to ensure a successful business for now, and far into the future.

Having systems in place ensures that your business continues to grow steadily without you getting off track.  Systems help you avoid getting overwhelmed and keep you doing what you do best, selling houses.  Having things automated ensures that they get done without you having to spend too much time thinking about them.

Things that I cover in systems are …

Having a great CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that ensures that you …

  • Call each of your clients every 90 days
  • Follow up with new leads
  • Write personal notes!
  • Properly schedule your activities without double booking yourself
  • Time block to get your lead generation done each day
  • Under promise and over Deliver!

I also going into detail on the importance of a monthly newsletter.  I chat about creating a value proposition that you can use at

  • Open Houses
  • Door Knocking
  • Community Gatherings / Events

Having these systems really frees up your time so you are focused on lead generation and working with clients.

I also mention a great scheduling tool called Calendly   You can give a link to your clients and let them choose a time that suits them.

THANKS very much for listening and if you found value in this episode, please share it with others below.


Marty Green

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