3 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use The Pre-Listing Phone Call

There is nothing worse then heading on a Listing appointment, unprepared.

This can be avoided easily by making a simple Pre-List phone call. This makes you look very professional and ensures you have a better chance of getting the listing. In times like this where competition between agents is so high, we need to make sure we cover all the bases with our listing appointments.

Here are 3 reasons why the Pre-List phone call is so Important!

When I make a Pre-List phone call I want to establish certain things first. Obviously I want to confirm once again our appointment together and make sure the time still works for my potential clients.

Here is a script you can follow when making this call.

Before we get together on Thursday for our Appointment, I wondered if I could ask you a few Questions so I can better prepare myself for our time together, would that be ok?

The first reason you want to make this phone call is to ensure that both parties will be home. Clearly if you want to get the listing signed you will need the signatures of all parties. If they mention that one person  will not be there, then you should reschedule your meeting so they both will be there.

This saves you from having to chase them and delays the property from getting on the market. Also, this will save you lots of time so you don’t have to answer questions over again that were already asked at the first meeting.

The Second reason you want to make this call is to get more information about the property, so that you are able to get a really good idea of what the home is worth before you even head over there. There is nothing worse then arriving at the property only to find that it is not what you expected. Meaning, that your evaluation will be way off because of some major renovations or improvements that were put in or perhaps there was a large addition added to the back of the house etc.

This situation happened to me. Years ago I had met a lady through a relative and she wanted me to go over with the intention of listing her home. Thank goodness I made the pre-list phone call in advance. You see, in her area they were knocking down most of the old homes in that neighbourhood to build new, more attractive homes that were worth much more. Almost 2 or 3 times more because most of the homes there, were on very large Lots.

Imagine what my surprise would have been like heading over there to find the home was not even close to what I had expected? I had expected to see a large newly built home just like 80% of the homes in that area. What was there was an old war time bungalow worth a fraction of the price. Had I not made my Pre-List phone call in advance, I would have looked foolish trying to scramble and come up with a price that worked for her.

This happens more than you think. We don’t want to miss out on an opportunity if the Seller is ready to sign. We don’t want to have to come back later because we were unprepared. If they are ready to sign, we should be ready to List the property right then and there.

Thirdly, asking how much they think their home is worth is really important. We want to get an idea of their expectation of what they are to receive for the home. This prepares us for an up hill battle if they believe their home is worth way more than what the market is telling us.

Remember, nobody sets the price, not you the Listing Agent or the Seller. The market dictates what homes are selling for. Taking a listing by over promising you will get way more than what the home is worth, is a recipe for disaster. The last thing we want is to have to chase the Seller around trying to get them to lower the price because we were not strong enough in the first place in agreeing on a realistic list price. Worse still we don’t want the home to expire.

So once again you want to Make sure all parties are home that need to sign off on the New Listing.

That you ask question about the size and style of the home, how many rooms and if there are any major improvements that have been put in recently.

Lastly that you get an idea of what their home is worth and what is their expectation of what the house will sell for.

Hopefully this will prepare you better for your time together and will allow you to gain more listing by looking very professional and more prepared than any other Listing Agent.

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Marty Green



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