RECM 007 : How To Host A Well Attended Lead Generating Open House!


In this very important session, I talk about a 3 step process to holding an amazing lead generating open house.  Many agents become frustrated with open houses that nobody attends.  I give you 2 ideas on how to solve that problem.


Hi there, this is Marty Green calling from Any Realty Co, and I was just calling to invite you to an open house this weekend on your street at 123 Anywhere Drive.
I will be holding the open house between 2-4pm this Sunday October 16th.
Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you.
If you have any questions about the home before then, just give me a call on my cell at 987.123.4567
I hope to see you there!

Step 1, is what you need to do before the Open House which I cover in this episode.  I’ll be going over parts 2 and 3 in the next session to follow soon.

In the Quick Tip I talk about a great APP called MagicPlan






Click below to watch a Review of the MagicPlan App in action (Video)

THANKS very much for listening and if you found value in this episode, please share it with others below.


Marty Green

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3 thoughts on “RECM 007 : How To Host A Well Attended Lead Generating Open House!”

  1. Hello Evelina, hopefully, you have signed up with a large brokerage with many agents. With many agents, there are also many listings. Just mention to your admin or do a page to all agents letting them know you are available to do open houses. Many of the 90 open houses I did that year were on someone else’s listings.

    good luck!


  2. Thank you very much Marty,

    These are great tips, but the question remains on how to score those Open Houses.
    An Open House means a house for sale (by your or by your fellow agent?). To have 90 OH per year is great! But how to obtain all those places for sale? :)

    Thank you

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