A Helpful Open House Idea To Get You More Clients For Your Database

It’s very common that we as REALTORS® hold open houses for our clients to get the home as much exposure as possible.  Hopefully someone comes in off the street and purchases the home.  But the reality is that this is not very often the case.  In fact less than 3% of homes are sold because of an open house.

Real estate agents mainly do open houses to generate leads for themselves.  Usually they find unrepresented Buyers and Sellers who are looking for a home or are thinking about selling their home.

Sometimes it’s hard to get any information out of them at an open house because their guard is up and they don’t want to have to engage every REALTOR® at every open house.  Here is a quick little tip to break the ice and generate possible Buyer and Seller leads for your database.

Watch this short video where I share how I do this


By using Google, we can do a search for some articles or brochures that we can print out and bring to our open house.

Here’s a snapshot of an article I found through Google.

Now remember to keep only one copy of the flyer at your open house. You want to either mail it to them or drop it off later to them. That’s why we need their address.

If they want it emailed to them instead, that’s also fine. At least now we have their Name and Email address. Now they go into our database.


Remember, we as sales people should always be looking to bring value to our clients and potential clients.  Look for ways you can set yourself apart from other salespeople. You need to stand out, and great customer service is an easy way to do this!

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Marty Green

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