Making a Positive First Impression in Networking


As I mentioned in previous posts, that first impression is important. “You never get a chance to make a first impression”. If we remember this in all of our dealings we won’t go wrong. It is said that people form opinions of you within the first three seconds of meeting you. Learn how to make the best impression possible.

What would you do and say if you meet a potential client for the first time? How well do you do in the first three seconds of meeting?

Talking too much about yourself makes you appear arrogant or self-centered and your client will become bored with your conversation.

Can you do a quick introduction, enough to catch someone’s interest in less than a minute? Give it a try.

Remember, that the first impression is appearance. How do you carry yourself? Do you appear confident? Speak with confidence and sincerity and look them in the eye.

Introduce yourself by name “My name is…” and the company that you work for. Be proud when you present this information.

Give a brief detail of the area that you cover or where you specialize. Try to be unique in your approach and provide meaningful information in what you offer and make sure that your statements have strong qualities.

Make it relevant and concise and don’t ramble. Everyone wants to deal with a professional.

Try to end your discussion with a question. This is where your observation skills come in. Depending on the situation, your question should be able to get two-way conversation started.

Don’t give your business card immediately and avoid a full blown sales pitch. Nobody wants to feel that they are being “sold to”.

Develop your conversation around what is important to them. You will never discover that unless you ask questions and ensure that you are listening to the answers. Don’t just wait to jump in and interrupt. We sometimes have the bad habit of cutting short answers to our questions when we get an chance.

Practice your presentations and you won’t get caught unprepared!

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