RECM 022 : Stage 1 Lead Generation


In Episode 21, I went over the 5 stages of Real Estate that I see most Lead GenerationReal Estate Agents fall into.  In today’s session (Episode 22) I dive deep in to stage 1, where it’s all about Lead Generation!

New agents are under pressure to get some leads quickly to work with.  You need to find good people to work with so you can get some money coming in.   I go over activities that will help you generate leads.

I mention how to reach out to your sphere of influence when you start your real estate career. This first step is so important to a quick launch.  We need to let everyone know we are in the business so we can be open to immediate referrals.

I also talk about open houses.  Open houses are a great inexpensive way to get yourself in front of customers FAST!  Many people will start their search by  visiting open houses.  If you can get them early on in their search, they may become a client!

I have had brand new agents who have reached out to friends and family on Facebook and immediately have done deals!  Even in the first month of being newly licensed!  Remember there are over a billion people on Facebook.  Your old high school friends, past clubs members, even family members you don’t see very often.

These people may just be starting to look for there next home and you will be able to help them!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to people in your first week in the business.  We don’t have time to waste.  We need clients now!



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