The Top Lead Generation Techniques For Brand New Real Estate Agents

Lead GenHow to get started in your new real estate career can be tough.  How do you generate quality leads?  Where do good leads come from?  What are the best ways for a new agent to generate leads?

Here is a list of great ways for a new agent to generate leads.  All of these techniques can be started immediately with little or no money needed.

Here are the some of best ways for a brand new real estate agents to generate leads.


Open HouseHands down, this is easily the best way for a new REALTOR® to generate their first leads in the first few weeks of business.  The main reason is that they don’t need any money invested to go sit at an open house.  All they need are some signs and 2 hours of their time.  Even without any training or scripts you could just “wing it” and still generate leads for yourself.

By showing confidence and engaging anyone who happens to come through the open house, you can pickup some buyers easily.  If you are unsure what to say at an open house or what question to ask, just remember your “5 W’s”.

  1. Where are you thinking of moving to?
  2. Why are you moving?
  3. When do you need to be moved by?
  4. Who will be moving with you, do you have kids?
  5. What type of home were you hoping to find?
  6. Are you currently under contract with an agent?

Here is a link to getting more Open House traffic.

  • COST : $0
  • TIME : 3 Hours Per Open House


Realtor CallsYou would think that this would be the easiest thing for new agents to do.  However, a lot of agents I find don’t feel comfortable doing this right away.  Remember, these people already know you.  They will be excited to hear that you are starting your own business in a new career.

Here are some tips.

Send out your Introduction Letter letting everyone know about your new career.  Then follow up calling everyone in your sphere and putting them in your database.  You should be using a Customer Relationship Manager program to do this but if not, you can use Outlook.

You should try and call everyone within the first 30 days.  If you have 100 people in your sphere, you will likely get 2 or 3 leads right away!  Example : 100 people in your sphere.  Make calls each business day (20 work days in a month) = 5 calls per day.

If you have more people in your sphere, you will have to make more calls per day.

Here’s a quick Script

Hey [SOI contact] it’s me Marty calling, how are you?  Did you get to read my email yet about me starting my new career?  Well I have just partnered with a great brokerage [name of brokerage].  They have many years of experience and I’m excited to get going helping people buy and sell homes.  It’s so thrilling to be able to make a difference in peoples lives as well as running my own business.  This is something I have been thinking about for years.  I’m really pumped!

While I have you on the phone, do you know anyone that is thinking of making a move?  Just remember if you think of anyone I would really appreciate if you could get their name and number so I can follow up with them.

Great chatting with you, talk to you soon.  Have a great day!


  • COST : 0$
  • TIME : 1 Lead For Every 50 calls (2 hours approx)

You can also reach out and connect with people over Facebook, just make contact, it may be your next lead!


While door knocking and cold calling are very similar, I put door knocking ahead of cold calling because it’s much easier to see people in person and start a conversation.  The tendency to get a door slammed in your face is a lot less than getting hung up on.

Door knocking is a great way to meet new people for a rookie agent.  Get a little flyer together with your company and your contact information.  Have a plastic business card holder pinned to your jacket or shirt and off you go.

Going door to door and offering everyone that you meet, that you will be keeping them up to date on the local market is a great introduction and value proposition in exchange for their name and email address.  Don’t forget to ask them if they know anyone who’s interested in Buying or Selling as well!

Door Knocking Scripts

Tip: If you are unsure of yourself you can always take a buddy along with you.  This removes most of the fear of rejection and you can have fun with your colleague and get some exercise at the same time.  You can split the leads that you generate this way.  REMEMBER to have something in writing signed by you and your friend mentioning that you will be splitting the leads 50/50.

  • COST : $0
  • TIME : Typical results are 1 lead for every 50 doors knocked. (2 hours approx)


Cold calling is a much faster lead generator than Door Knocking.  If you have thick skin and can take a little rejection, then this might be a great way to generate leads right away.  I personally have had great conversations while cold calling and generated quite a few leads early in my career.

Remember that you will likely get one lead for every 50 calls.

I did not leave messages if the person wasn’t home, you will have to experiment with this to see for yourself.  With the new cell phones out these days, many people are disconnecting home phones and just sticking with their cell phone.  This makes this technique much tougher, but it still works!

I have a few successful agents at my office that will make 200-400 phone calls each day.  They do very well each year.  Remember to get these people into your database right away if they are at all interested.  Follow up is the key with cold calling.

  • COST : $0
  • TIME : 1 Lead For Every 50 calls (2 hours approx)


Another great lead generation technique is engaging in a farm area.  By starting small and marketing to an area of homes, you can quickly establish yourself as the area expert.  By using some of these marketing ideas, you can quickly grow your farm area from 500 to 1000 homes and even more!

  • A monthly Newsletter to your area with Stats and helpful tips and community events
  • Continuous email blasts to the area alerting them to New Listings, Sales and Open Houses
  • A door knocking campaign letting everyone know who you are
  • Client Parties to your farm area.  Picnics, movie in the park, bowling nights and other great events will show your farm area how much you care

Marketing to a farm area take a fair amount of work and can cost some money.

  • COST : $150 / Month and more (Direct mailers, email newsletters, Just Sold, Just Listed Flyers)
  • TIME : 2-5 Hours per month.

You can listen how to work a FARM AREA here.

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Good Luck!

Marty Green

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