How to create an impressive REALTOR® buyer package that will have clients lining up to work with you.

iStock_000005375177XSmallHow do you get clients from the open house under a buyer agency agreement quickly and easily?  That seems to be a big challenge for most agents in the business.

A lot of people searching for a new home start their search by visiting many open houses before they are ready to commit to an agent. First time home buyers will often visit many open house listings just to see how the real estate agents respond.

It’s rare that buyers just pick up the phone and call an agent to find them a home anymore.  Especially when more and more people have their “walls up” with regard to meeting anyone.

By asking a series of questions, and then listening for any problems or needs potential clients may have, you can serve people and offer solutions that may fit their criteria of needs.

The key is in your value proposition.  What value are you offering, that is different from any other REALTOR®?  What sets you apart from the average agent?iStock_000007774201XSmall

One way that really elevates your perceived value, is to create an impressive buyer package that will put you front and centre for customers who need a great buyer agent.

It can be very hard when you are first starting out as an aspiring agent.  You don’t have a lot of experience and likely don’t have that much confidence.   So that makes doing open houses even more appealing.  Starting out with open houses is a great way to get clients and start building your database.

When you engage customers in conversation at an open house, you want to listen intently for ways to serve these potential clients.  By asking a series of questions you should be able to quickly find out their motivation and intent.

Then ask for an appointment at your office, where you can explain the buying process.  Offer them a free buyer’s package in trade for their valuable time to come in to your office.

So what would you put in a buyer package?

Well put yourself in the shoes of a potential home buyer for a second.  What questions would you have moving to a new area?  Think about your lifestyle and what is important to you?  Do you have kids?  Do you work out regularly?  Do you work out of town and need access to the local highways?

All of these things can be made available in a awesome buyer package.

Here are some ideas of things you can include in a buyer package.

  1. A map of the area.  A local map showing different places in your community.  Your new found customers may be new to the area and do not know the local amenities.
  2. Local Schools.  List the different types of schools as well.  Private, Public etc.  Obviously, many families have children that need to attend schools in your area which is something you can provide for them.
  3. Recreational facilities.  Local gyms to work out in.  Area soccer fields, ice rinks, basketball courts, baseball diamonds.
  4. Local Transit and highways.  People need to get around, so include bus routes, transit routes and local highways.  If you know where they are commuting to, maybe throw in a Google search from the area they are looking in, to their office or place of work.  Remember, often times in heavy traffic areas, commutes are calculated in minutes and not distance.
  5. Libraries.
  6. Churches and places of worship.
  7. A quick bio of yourself and your company and some statistics to support your experience.
  8. A blank offer.  If you are working with inexperienced buyers, then this is a great idea.  Walk them through the offer process and all the associated paperwork.  If they are first time home buyers, then this will be very valuable to them.
  9. A current Hot Sheet of the properties they are interested in.  Once you have determined what type of criteria for a home they are interested in, you can search the mls for mls listings that might suit them and put it in your package for them to take with them.
  10. Testimonials
  11. Agency paperwork.  Get them signed up as a client.  Offer them a trade.  If they are comfortable with your presentation and working with you, push them to signing up with you as a client.  The trade off will be they have a great REALTOR® to work with.

With a great buyer package you offer something unique that other Agents may not.  If the customer agrees to a meeting in your office, they get the FREE buyer package.

This is a straight Value for their time exchange.  It will be worth it for them to come into meet you when they get your wonderful package.  Keep in mind, if they are not willing to sign a contract with you, they shouldn’t be getting the buyer package.

Many agents use an automatic email system to send properties to clients every day.   You can use this offer as your closer to get them to sign a representation agreement with you.

Remember, you are trading your service value in exchange for them to sign up as a client with you.  With the buyer package and daily emails this is a fair trade and you should be able to get many customers signed up as clients.

Use this exchange to get an appointment at the office.

Look at it this way, less than 5% of agents today are using a buyer package.   With a little bit of effort, you can put together an impressive buyer package that will get you results time and time again.

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