How to build a powerful database for REALTORS® that generates lucrative leads that guarantee you money every month! Part 2.

Every REALTOR® needs to utilize their database to the fullest extent to ensure a steady stream of quality leads every month to guarantee survival in Real Estate.  It’s much easier to survive in Real Estate when you are not chasing down every potential lead that comes along, only to find out that the customer is not serious or not ready to buy/sell.

Referral leads are always considered the highest quality when compared to other types of leads such as internet leads or calls from paper advertising.  Having someone call you up and mention that one of your clients told them to call you, is a great phone call to receive.  Trust has already been established by your client.  This should help immensely when working with a potential consumer.

Ok, so now that you have your database sorted, we need to market to them and follow up.  The simplest way to do this is to follow a set pattern.  Each and every month you need to be contacting your clients.  One of the easiest and most effective ways is the newsletter.  Sending your clients a valuable newsletter each month is a great way to stay top of mind with your whole database.  Each database entry should be receiving something every month; the newsletter is the easiest way to reach everyone easily.

Examples of valuable newsletter content would be current market trends, interest rate updates, new local businesses in town etc.  Anything that your clients would find value in.  Once your newsletter has gone out, you should be following it up with a phone call.  Starting with your A clients, phone through your database to ensure they have received the newsletter.  You’ll want to check up on your clients and see if they know anyone who may be thinking of moving in the near future.

After your check in phone call, write a personal note to follow up with them.  Include your business card or cards as a professional courtesy.  You now have 3 connections with your A clients every month.  You will be top of mind with the clients that refer you the most.  Our hope is that these clients send you more and more referrals as we grow your database.

Other things you can do to connect with your best clients each month is a face to face visit.  Go see your clients or take them out for coffee/lunch.

To recap:

Monthly Newsletter

Follow up phone call

Personal note

Rinse and Repeat!

Don’t forget to inject a face to face meeting at your clients house or lunch/coffee meeting every once and awhile.  You should be contacting your top clients about 3 times per month.

OK, so you now have a basic referral system you can follow and be in touch with your clients regularly.  Keep them up to date with valuable information each month and follow up with them!  Don’t be afraid to ask for business!

Now it’s time to put words into action.  Get your database together, sort and qualify it.   Get some valuable information together that you can throw into a free newsletter and send it out!  Just this step alone will stir up your sphere of influence.  You need to let you client base know that you are in the market and ready to assist them with all their Buying/Selling needs.  You are the professional with valuable information.

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Many Real Estate Agents have a hard time putting together a newsletter every month.  The last thing we want to do is miss months here and there, this makes us look bad and blows our integrity.  I know it’s very tough to get a newsletter out each month, especially in the spring when we are very busy.

Here is an affiliate link (I get paid a small commission) to an automatic monthly newsletter service I have been recommending for years.  If you would like a customizable top quality newsletter sent out each month to your clients, then I highly recommend this one.  Many of my Agents are using it and rave about the quality and service.  Even if you are too busy and forget about your monthly newsletter, it still goes out! Now you don’t have to worry, your clients are still being contacted and you are still top of mind with them.

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7 thoughts on “How to build a powerful database for REALTORS® that generates lucrative leads that guarantee you money every month! Part 2.”

  1. Some of the programs my Agents have been using are …

    Top Producer

    I used ACT when I was selling full time, however you could get by just fine with Outlook as well. Many Agents who use these programs only utilize about 10% of the capabilities.

  2. I hear you Sue, that’s what a Realtors goal should be every time. To provide the best service they can to each and every customer. My goal is to provide more information for Realtors that help them make those knowledgeable decisions.

    All the best!
    Marty Green

  3. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting the site. The information I provide is free for everyone as is the newsletter. If you can learn a few strategies that you can implement that move your career forward in a positive way, then I’m happy!

  4. I’m not sure if I should give up or keep trying to build my RE career???
    I guess my question to you is how much will it cost me to sign up for your newsletter and to what else am I being committed????

  5. I’ve been burned in the past by the real estate “hype”. I’m a new agent just 2years in. I work full time for a large corporation. I want to be able to provide a professional real estate experience and help people make a knowledgeable decision.

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