RECM 020 : When Is It Time To Hire A Real Estate Assistant?


As busy real estate agents, we often get burdened with mundaneHiring an assistant  daily tasks that take us away from the really important things we should be doing.  Things like meeting new clients, negotiating offers, showing properties and taking calls.  We end up working 50 hours + each week and wonder where the time went.

We know that we need help, but we’re not sure if it’s the right time.

If you’ve said yes to the following 2 questions, then it may be time for you to consider getting yourself an assistant.

1. Did you miss getting important “business building” tasks done because of lack of time?

2. Were you scrambling trying to fit things in your schedule this week or did you miss important appointments because you were too busy?

In this podcast I go over several tasks that an assistant can take off your plate.

Here’s a short list of some of the things an assistant can do for you…

  • Book your appointments
  • Get feedback on your properties
  • Updates to your database
  • Placing ads in local papers and magazines
  • Maintaining your social media campaign

Hiring an assistant allows your to “buy back your time”.  Instead of you doing low income generating tasks, you now focus your extra time on high dollar tasks.

Making an extra few calls to your database could be worth thousands to you each week.  However, calling for feedback on your listings, while it’s important, does not create a better business for you.

Here is a list of tasks an assistant can do for you according to the National Association of Realtors.

NAR Report


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