An Amazing Tip To Grow Your Real Estate Database By 30 Or More At A Time!

One of the toughest aspects of being a Real Estate Agent is, always having to look for new people to work with.  Adding potential people to your database should be an ongoing process.  A great goal is to try to add one person per day to your database.  But what if there was a way to add 30 – 50 at one time?

I have taught this technique a few times and the Agents that have used it have seen outstanding results.

If you have a client that has recently purchased a home, offer to throw a house warming party for them.  Mention to them that you will supply the drinks and finger foods or whatever you like and feel comfortable with.  Maybe you could also come over to the house earlier and decorate the home with some party trimmings to really make it feel like a party.

You could also help by bringing Cd’s or an iPod full of music.

The key to making this work is that you offer to do up invitations ahead of time, letting everyone know that their friend has made a move and inviting them to a house warming party.  You need to have your client forward you the contacts of all the people they would like to attend, so you can send out the invitations on their behalf.

When the invitations go out, the guests can see that you as their agent are helping to put on the house warming party.

On party day, you have a real great opportunity to mingle with many guests and it’s likely they are going to chat about real estate.  Hopefully your clients will speak very highly about you and your service and the guests are going to know you have helped put on this great party. Don’t forget to offer to put people on your newsletter or mailing list. You already have their contact information, but you should ask them if they would like to receive free real estate information from time to time.

This should go a very long way in getting you some referrals and building up your database!

For as little as a few hundred dollars in refreshments and finger foods, some of my Agents have had as many as 3 new listings from a party like this!  There are many opportunities to do something of this nature.  You have to pay attention to your clients and really listen for opportunities to help them.

By giving so much of yourself and your time, your clients will really value your relationship and will want to help you with your business as well.  The best way they can help you, is to refer many people to you looking for a new home.

Let me know how this technique works for you!

Good Luck!


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