Get Trained While You Drive, Real Estate Training For The Salesperson Who’s On The Go!

Real Estate Career Mentor PodcastEvery real estate agent knows how important it is to keep up to date with training.  There are new sales techniques, new technologies always coming down the pipe.  If we don’t stay on top of the newest thing, we could be missing out on a huge potential for massive profit.  Where do we find the time to get caught up with training?  There must be an easier way.

REALTORS® always find they have very little time for anything but work related things during the day.  They are busy showing homes and taking listings.  They are running around dropping paperwork off at the office or meeting potential clients.  They are constantly prospecting and generating new leads.  They have very little time for educating themselves in the latest valuable sales training techniques.

How can you be on the cutting edge of sales without upgrading your skills constantly?  Well if you are spending many hours in the car, why not turn your car into a mobile university? Many programs offer sets of CD’s for you to listen to while you’re driving.  These programs are specifically designed for in car sales training.

So do yourself a favor.  Instead of listening to the news, which let’s face it, is very negative to begin with.  Or instead of listening to music all day, why not listen to some training programs while you are driving?  On average, I consume about 4 or 5 books worth of training each month!

This is how I do it.

PodcastI use my iPod, hooked up with an in car FM transmitter plugged into my cars cigarette lighter.  This plays the iPods information through my car speakers.  I simply set the transmitter to a station that is not being used, say 88.7.  Then I tune my car stereo to that station as well and voila!  Everything I have on my iPod is now played in Stereo through my car speakers.  This lets me have access to thousands of great books and podcasts that I can listen to in my car anytime I feel like it.

I simply transfer all my CD’s to mp3’s by using iTunes, which lets me store my CD’s that I normally listen to on to my iPod.

Also, by using iTunes, I can download Books, Podcasts, Videos, Movies etc.  Most of which are completely FREE.  So now I have hundreds of hours of information that I can consume in my car.  The iPod allows me to easily change from one book or subject to another without inserting and exchanging CD’s all the time.

This allows me to listen to great content that I want to listen to instead of the news or constant songs on the radio that I have heard thousands of times over and over again.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I just like to listen to music to relax.   But now I’m able to learn something new each and every day while I’m in the car.  I’m able to expand my mind and learn about things that I may have never thought I would have the chance to.

Now there is no more wasted time while I’m driving.  Most Real Estate Professionals spend hundreds of hours in their cars.  Now you can take advantage of that time and increase your knowledge base ten fold.

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Feel free to comment below on your in car learning experiences and topics.

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  1. Modern gadgets now a days, as Ive read on other sites a while ago are really a big help of us. Instead of studying it through books and spend a lot of times for it, its very easy now a days. You can learn on what you are going to learn with hassle free.

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