Enlarge Your Real Estate Brand And Make It Easier For Potential Customers To Find You!

Let’s face it, customers searching for homes via the computer continues to climb.  I have heard numbers as high as 97% of all homes searches start online.  That is truly a remarkable number.  Yet most REALTORS® continue to lag way behind, when it comes to this type of Online Marketing.

What this means is, as we forge ahead in to the future, opportunities will continue to be lost by Real Estate Agents as more and more people engage in online home searches.  We need to figure out how to engage potential real estate clients wherever they are online.  We need to expand our Brand!

This does not mean that traditional sales marketing techniques are dead. Not at all, but what we have seen is as the younger generations move closer to buying their first homes, they prefer to engage REALTORS® in a different way.

Customers are responding to PUSH marketing less and less.  This means that the traditional way of marketing, i.e. Flyers, Cold Calling etc. are working much less with the younger generation.

When they are ready to purchase, they will come and find you.  So what we need to make sure is that we can be easily FOUND!

I liken this marketing strategy to an Archery Target.  You, the Real Estate Professional would put up your sign, and armed with an Ad in the paper do a traditional open house in the hopes of gaining new buyers and sellers.  This technique still works and I believe will continue to work in the near future, but to a lesser degree.Outdoor-archery-target-branded

The potential customers are the Archers, trying to hit the target.  However only a small percentage are able to see it because your target (Your Brand) is very small.  By using Social Marketing techniques, we add extra rings to the target allowing more and more people to see it.

By increasing your Brand allows you to be found more easier online.  If we could over time, create a bigger target by working more online platforms, then we could surely have a better sales ratio and have an opportunity to help more people buy and sell homes.

Remember Real Estate is a Contact Sport, the more people we contact, the more business we can do.

By moving our brand over the Social Marketing Platforms that now exist, we can engage more people where they “hang out”.  Thus, offer our services should they be needed and build relationships which over time should result in more sales.

Again, we cannot just move to these platforms and PUSH our services on them.  But by building relationships and engaging people and offering them free and helpful information, this slowly starts to build trust and ideally will get them to contact us when they are ready to make a move.

Just by existing on these platforms wont get us any calls, we need to engage the audiences there and the results will start coming.  Just remember, this business is always about relationships.

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