RECM 027 : Door Knocking For Great Lead Generation


Door knocking can be one of the greatest active prospecting Door Knockingstrategies out there.  If done correctly, you can receive a lot of leads in a fairly short period of time, while getting some valuable exercise while you’re at it!  Read on to see some scripts I recommend for getting great results from door knocking.

It use to be that door knocking was a giant waste of time.  But in a Sellers market where there are few listings available.  Whoever holds the listings is guaranteed to earn income.   Seriously!  Working with buyers in a hot Sellers market can be very frustrating when you are dealing with multiple offers each time you find a great house to buy.

I have seen agents lose out on multiple offer situations recently.   As many as 5,6 and even 9 times!  Can you imagine searching for home after home, only to lose out to a higher bidder each time?  It’s enough to drive you crazy.  But this is what is happening where I am on a regular basis!

The very real answer to this problem is become a serious securer of new listings.  Cold calling has really declined over the last 4 years as mobile phones have become the only phone needed.  Families are ditching their land line for personal cell phones and it’s rare that anyone who is Generation Y will answer the phone anyway!

One of the best lead gen activities is once again, door knocking.

Here are some Good / Better / Best door knocking scripts you can try…


Hi [Mr. Seller] My name is Marty Green from Remax and we have noticed quite an increase in home prices in this are over the last 2 years and I was wondering if you’ve given any thought to making a move?


Hello [Mrs. Seller] I’m Marty from Remax and we just listed a home on your street at [Address]  and I was curious if you have ever given a thought to selling your home?


Hi [Mr. Seller] I have been working with my Buyer Mrs. Aldridge,  and we are desperate to find a home for her in your neighborhood. I wonder if you can help me?  Do you happen to know anyone in this area that is thinking of selling their home?

This last script works really well as it builds up emotion with the home owner.  You mentioned that your buyer is desperate to move to this area and you are asking for help.  Most people love to help, and feel good about sharing what they know.

One last tip we have seen success with in my office should you get turned down on one of the above scripts is ask them if they have thought of buying an investment property.  We have gotten some leads this way.  The potential seller has already said No to one of the above scripts, but before we walk away we ask them if they have given any thought into investing in real estate.

Other Insights in this Door Knocking Post

Give it a try and see how you make out.



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