Don’t think the Brand name is important when choosing a real estate broker to sign up with? Well think again!

I meet with countless new agents just starting out and many dismiss the brand name when they are choosing a real estate brokerage.  They look at training and the size of the office.  If the people there are friendly, etc.  While those things are important (training and support are very important), don’t discount the power of your brand.

brandingIf lead generation is your top priority for survival, because without leads you have no clients and no business, then wouldn’t the brand have something to do with lead generation?  Think about it, what is brand?  It’s a familiarization with a product or name. When we are familiar with something a certain amount of trust is built up.  We lean to that product or service more than the no name brand.

An example of this at work would be the Daewoo brand of cars vs. Ford.  Regardless of how good the new Daewoo models are, people are going to flock to Ford based on the brand recognition.  There is a trust built up over years and years through constant marketing and brand recognition on our roads and highways.

The same holds true to the buyers and sellers of real estate in the world.  People wake up each day and decide today I am going to buy or today I’m going to sell.  Who should we call?  As many people know, the stats show us that 90% of buyers and sellers start their search online. They want to see what homes are worth in their areas and search out websites for this information.  Where is most of the traffic directed?

Let’s see what Google says…

Google trends offer an unbiased look at what people are searching for on the Internet.  You can compare anything you want by typing it into the box separated by a comma here–>.

Real Estate Brokers

As more and more buyers are coming from Generation Y era, it’s important for us to not discount the power of the brand and how we can leverage it when generating leads.  By leveraging our brand in buying/listing presentations, website presence, marketing materials, we can increase the value that we bring to our potential clients. This may be all that you need to distinguish you from another top realtor in your area.

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