Every child growing up has a dream of what they would like to be…a Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Singer and on it goes. Have you ever asked a young child what their career goal is and have them answer “I really want to be a REALTOR®”. Maybe, if they have family in the business, but I hazard a guess that if they have a REALTOR® in the family, that becomes a turn off.

That is the main challenge that we face when we embark on a career in Real Estate, we have never planned on making it our career! Why do we choose Real Estate as a career? The answers are many; often it is as a result of failure at something else and that gets us off on a bad foot.

What do we need when we start our career? Everybody is looking for the magic bullet. The expectations of what the job entails is usually misguided. When we hold a Career Seminar in the Office and we explain what is involved, there is often a sense of shock. Business does not drop from the sky; your friends and family aren’t guaranteed sales and bottom line…IT IS A LOT OF WORK!

As a Realtor, you are really opening up your own business and it must be treated in that manner. How many people would start up a business with no financing and no Business Plan? How many REALTORS® start selling Real Estate with no strong Business Plan? Most of them!

When you are working at any other job you have a schedule. The schedule for the most part is set by your employer. When you operate a business, you are the one that sets up your schedule, depending on the demands of the business. When you are a Realtor, you are setting your own schedule…and that usually is “NO SCHEDULE”…you are only jumping when the business dictates.

What is your job as a Realtor? What are your responsibilities? Who is waiting in the wings to take over your position…ie sellers and buyers?

Bottom line, when you start the business, you need a strong Business Plan. You have to run your business like a BUSINESS. You must track your business and recreate success. Schedule your time effectively, and learn how to manage your business and time and not have it manage you.

If you are already in the business, be honest with yourself. Are you managing your time effectively? Do you spend the afternoons in front of the television because you have “no” appointments? If you are contemplating coming into the business do you have the discipline to schedule yourself for “work days” and “work hours” and resist the temptation to waste time.

You will eventually either feel guilty for time wasted or feel that the job has control of you. We have to “schedule” our time off and family time. It is important. What do we work for? So many of us work in order to pay for the extras for our family and yet, due to lack of scheduling, we spend fewer hours with them that what we want. It is a double edged sword. We are guilty when we are at work as we are missing functions with our family and yet when we are at home we are feeling guilty that we should be working. That is the job controlling you, not you controlling the job. We have to earn the “free” time by respecting the “work” time.


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