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Magic Words to Get the Correct List Price – Joe Stumpf

It’s likely you’ve heard a seller say, “Another agent said they’d list it higher.” Unfortunately, in our industry there are agents who, desperate to get the listing, agree to a seller’s pie-in-the-sky price knowing full well that the market will beat the seller down until they’re forced to lower their price.

two of clubsFortunately, in our industry there are many more real estate agents like you, who have the expertise and integrity to price a house based on what the market is doing, not on what the seller wants to get for their home. When you advise the potential client of your recommended listing price and they say, “Another agent said they’d list it higher,” use the Two of Clubs dialogue from my Magic Words That Remove Resistance.

Watch this video from my Magic Words Dojo to see how this language positions you as an agent of integrity, and the one who is best equipped to help the seller make their dreams come true: Joe Stumpf’s Magic Words

Jeannie Miklos

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What is your Value Proposition as a Real Estate Agent?


Often you hear Real Estate Agents talking about giving it 100%.  Or doing the extra 10%, but what does it really mean?  Well in sales, it can mean as much as getting the deal and getting paid.  I often talk to our agents about Value Proposition.  What value are you offering your clients that sets you apart from your competitors?  Why is it so great to work with you?  What is it that you are doing differently that allows you to charge what you do and why do you consistently get people to pay you?

A value proposition is simply this…

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