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Are you a REALTOR® that Controls Your Business OR Does Your Business Control You?

Amazing, but THE two most important entries in Time Management when I am working with REALTORS® is Family Relationships and Rebuilding Energy by Working Out.  This is followed closely by booking and spending quality time with Friends.  On the surface it would appear that none of this has anything to do with being a REALTOR®, but in my estimation it has everything to do with being a REALTOR®. How important are they to you?  If you don’t schedule, it just won’t happen on its own.

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Scheduling Time to Rebuild Energy

Realtors accept that one of the best ways of creating a strong data base is by building Relationships.  It is strange than that little time is spent developing those relationships and making new ones.

Realtors tend to work long hours and in some cases let the job control them, they don’t control the job.  One of the most common complaints, “I don’t have time.”  That means no time for Energy Renewal, for building new Relationships and maintaining and nurturing the Relationships that we currently value.

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Magic Words to Get the Correct List Price – Joe Stumpf

It’s likely you’ve heard a seller say, “Another agent said they’d list it higher.” Unfortunately, in our industry there are agents who, desperate to get the listing, agree to a seller’s pie-in-the-sky price knowing full well that the market will beat the seller down until they’re forced to lower their price.

two of clubsFortunately, in our industry there are many more real estate agents like you, who have the expertise and integrity to price a house based on what the market is doing, not on what the seller wants to get for their home. When you advise the potential client of your recommended listing price and they say, “Another agent said they’d list it higher,” use the Two of Clubs dialogue from my Magic Words That Remove Resistance.

Watch this video from my Magic Words Dojo to see how this language positions you as an agent of integrity, and the one who is best equipped to help the seller make their dreams come true: Joe Stumpf’s Magic Words

Jeannie Miklos

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BrainIn May 2005, Forbes magazine reported that there were were 691 billionaires in the world.  1400 people across the world turn into millionaires every day.  Why is it that some people achieve this status and others don’t.  Are there common characteristics that millionaires have?  The big plus in attaining financial independence is the ability to do business in the way that you choose.

How can you become one of these people?  What kind of life, and business, do you want to run?

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Reaching our goals and dreams

DreamI have always been someone who has had goals in life. Sometimes these goals were forced on me through necessity and sometimes, well, I am a driven person.  I like to Dream big!  Bottom line..I don’t like to lose.

When I look back at why I did not achieve some of the goals that I had set for myself, the answer is usually.. I did not write them down and I did not review them on a regular basis.

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Selling Real Estate is like Golfing?

Personally, I think Golf is the most difficult and challenging sport there is to play. No matter what, you never get it perfect and just when you hit that fantastic shot to bring you back again, well, you lose your game.

I am not a great golfer, in fact I wouldn’t even consider myself a good golfer but I do enjoy the game. I enjoy the personal challenge. The fact that, no matter what, I will never be perfect and that this game will challenge me mentally and physically every step of the way. I actually feel the same way about selling real estate.

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Every child growing up has a dream of what they would like to be…a Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Singer and on it goes. Have you ever asked a young child what their career goal is and have them answer “I really want to be a REALTOR®”. Maybe, if they have family in the business, but I hazard a guess that if they have a REALTOR® in the family, that becomes a turn off.


Just show up for work every day

iStock_000004817114XSmallJust showing up for Work Every day, sounds like a no-brainer doesn’t it. But, how many can actually say that they always show up for work, ready to work!

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means.

— Albert Einstein
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