RECM 015 : How A Great Blog Can Enhance Your Real Estate Business


Real Estate BlogIn this session I talk about putting up a blog for your Real Estate Business.  I go over how a blog can be setup as a Niche website.  I discuss how you can connect with potential buyers and sellers through the comments to help build relationships.

I cover the 5 key elements each blog post must have..

  • A compelling Headline
  • A great picture
  • Use of Keywords
  • A call to Action
  • Engaging in the Comment section

I also give some tips on choosing a domain name to help setup your niche market.  I share ideas on what type of specialization you can do for your business and your niche.

If you want to choose a Domain name and setup your own Blog, here is the hosting site that I highly recommend.  HOSTING (Choose a domain name and get inexpensive hosting with a One Click WordPress Button.  affiliate link)

Thanks for listening to this episode.

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3 thoughts on “RECM 015 : How A Great Blog Can Enhance Your Real Estate Business”

  1. Hey Cory, thanks for the comment.

    I get all my pictures from It’s a great website with high quality pictures and video’s. They run on a credit system and each picture can cost between 1-30 credits on average, depending on size and popularity.

    You can read up on licensing on their website as well under the Help tab. They have quite a bit of info there.

    good luck!

  2. Hi Marty,
    Great episode. I am just getting my blog started and had a question.

    I want to add pics to most of my posts. Where do you get your pics and how do you make sure you have the right to post them on your blog?

    I am trying to figure out how to not get in trouble for posting a pic that someone else owns.


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