3 Scenarios You Want To Avoid In Your Real Estate Career

I heard something this week that got me thinking.  Everyone is out there working very hard and hopefully doing the best that they can.  But is that enough?  What if we could do better?  What if we could look at our Real Estate Business as a whole and find ways to improve?  By improve I am referring to the customer service we are providing to our clients.

After visiting a conference earlier this week I heard the speaker talk about the clients experience.

These were the 3 scenarios he mentioned and why you should try your best not to achieve them.

  • You are working with your new client and you do a average job of getting their home sold. Everything pretty much goes to plan and you get the job done. You work as you normally would for any client and ultimately get the result they were hoping for. The new clients are pleased that you met their expectation. How many people do you think they told about your service? The answer is : Zero!
  • You are working with your new client and things are going wrong. You show up late when expected, you forget to call your clients back when they ask. You didn’t do the open house you promised this weekend. You are not following through on the expectations you set in place from your initial visit. How many people heard about your service this time? Well this time the told : Three!
  • Finally, you again are working with your new clients. You are doing a terrible job, far from the expectations you set with these clients from the get go. You are too busy to find the time to update your people. You can’t be bothered to check in with the clients because you feel that without an offer, what’s the point? You do nothing to market their home except put it on the MLS. The sign on the yard is falling over from the recent storm 2 weeks ago and you haven’t had a chance to get that fixed. How many people have heard about your service now? The scary answer is : Seven!

What is the point to all this?  Well it’s simple really, you need to start being…


People do not get excited with bad service. Generally their blood is boiling to the point where they just have to vent to somebody. It’s not even hard to think about this happening to you. Think about the last time you went to see a really bad movie. What was one of the comments you mentioned at work the next day? You probably told your colleagues not to go see it.

What we need to start doing is providing Remarkable service. If we continue to do satisfactory work day in and day out, we are just like the majority of the Real Estate Agents out there!  We need to stand out from the crowd! We need to get our clients going in to work the next day and saying “you know what my REALTOR did for me yesterday”?

We need to be Remarkable.

How many people would you clients tell if you delighted them with your service? Three? Five? Seven? Could you imagine that?

Think about all the referrals we could expect if everyone that we worked with was talking about us? If they are all over the moon with our service, they’ll be busting to tell all their friends and family. How great would our business become? Instead of having to prospect all the time for hours on end, wouldn’t it be nice if the phone kept ringing with clients telling us they just referred another friend who needs our help?

Be Remarkable!


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Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

Marty Green



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