How to attack your REALTOR® database and get it working for you!

Every year at this time, I have many of my Agents come to see me about generating leads.  Usually over the Christmas month’s it gets quite slow and our Agents are looking to get busy again.

They will often present me with advertising campaigns for newspapers and magazines.  They may show me flyers and gift ideas that they are going to deliver door to door.

Often the biggest and cheapest way to increase your business is to contact your database.  That’s right, the people you have already met and may have already done business with.

Let’s face it, it’s much easier to do a deal with someone who has already done business with you in the past or was referred to you.

I have previously written a post on how to build a REALTOR® database , where I have you sort your database so that you can concentrate more on the people who are regularly referring you and delete the people who will never refer you.

So how else can we keep in touch with our database regularly and build trust as a REALTOR® in the process?

One of the best things to do is make a list of events or holidays throughout the year and come up with ideas how to contact or visit the clients in your database around those times.  Here are some examples…

  • Mothers/Fathers day
  • Anniversaries – include home anniversaries in this – congrats on your 1st year in your new home!
  • Birthdays
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • First day of new season
  • Daylight savings time
  • Sporting events – Super bowl, World Series, World Cup, Masters, NBA championships, NHL Stanley cup
  • Local community events – Parades, golf tournaments, food drives, fund raisers, Home shows etc.

As you get to know your clients, you can contact them at different times of year with questions or congratulations that means something to them.  Sending someone a nice personal note congratulating them on their team winning the super bowl or a Happy Anniversary note inside.

Sending home show tickets out every year to your  Agent database or inviting someone out for lunch on their birthday are also great ideas.  All these ideas give you an opportunity to stay in better touch with your database and help build trust so that when they are ready to buy/sell, you will be the Agent they are thinking about.  This helps show that you care!

We need to constantly stay in touch with our database if we are to be really successful.  Most of the top Agents generate more than 80% of their business from repeat and referral business.  It’s just the easiest most cost effective way to generate leads today.

So grab a pen and take a few moments and jot down some ideas.  Then break it out into months and start getting on the phone or visiting your clients regularly.  Within a very short time you will find that you will see opportunity landing in your lap each and every week.

If you have some other great ideas of how and when to stay in touch with clients and feel like sharing, then leave a comment below.

Good luck and all the best!

Marty Green

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