Are you a REALTOR® that needs business now?

Port DoverThe town of Port Dover is expecting 100000 motorcyclists today for its 50th Friday the 13th gathering.

Today is Friday the 13th which I completely forgot about to be totally honest.  But I got a quick reminder about 5 minutes into my hour drive to work this morning.  The roads and highways are filled with motorcycles which reminded me that every Friday the 13th, they all converge without fail on a very small town called Port Dover.

People will ride from far away from all over Canada and the U.S. to meet at Dover.   I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of bikes.  Every size, shape and color of bike and everything in between.  It is quite a sight to behold.  Here is a live link of the action

Which got me to thinking, how did all this begin?  After quickly researching the web I was not surprised to discover that the origins date back a number of years to when a few riders met in Dover one day and decided that it was such a great time that they should do it every year.  In fact, not only should they do it every year, they should commit to bringing a friend with them.

So here we are not too long in the future and you can’t find a place to put your bike.  Port Dover is completely covered with motorcyclists and the local businesses are booming as a result.

I started to think of this event from a REALTOR® perspective.

How good would your database be if every time you worked with someone, they told a friend or two about you?  If every client of yours had such a great experience buying or selling a home and would just tell one other person, you would have an endless supply of leads for your business.  Not only that, if we consider that like-minded people attract like-minded friends, then you would have an endless supply of good people to work with.  Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with good people who are easy to get along with.

As a Broker/Manager and Coach to many agents over the years, they will often come to me with questions like “what do I do now”?   They are frustrated with business because of lack of leads.  The phone is not ringing like it was in the spring.  Let’s face it, the summer is generally quiet in most places as people like to spend these months with friends and family or away on a vacation.

What I tell these agents is the same that my coaches have told me over the years.  Get in touch with your Database!  When was the last time you called your clients?  Have you called on or have you gone to visit your last client that closed?  Have you called your clients that closed a year ago to wish them happy anniversary in their new house?

The Bikers on their way to Port Dover today have made a commitment to meet each other every Friday the 13th.  Do you make a commitment to call through your database 3 or 4 times a year?  You will be surprised at how many leads are sitting in your database waiting for a chance for you to serve them.

September is just around the corner.

This is a great month for new listings.  Home owners have finished summer vacations and the kids are back at school.  This is a perfect month for them to sell and get their homes sold and be into the new home by Christmas.  Every year the office numbers spike with sales in September.

If you start attacking your database now, you will be in great shape for the beginning of September.  Do yourself a favor, setup a plan for how you are going to work the next two or three weeks and get on it!  There are deals coming down the path and all you have to do is get in the way of them.  People in your database or once removed are talking about moving and they need to be reminded who you are and how you can help.

Now is the time to strike, get on the phone or get in your car and get in touch with your database.  Make sure you are top of mind and you will finish out this year with a bang and hopefully meet all your yearly goals!

Good Luck!

Marty Green

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