Are you a REALTOR® that Controls Your Business OR Does Your Business Control You?

Amazing, but THE two most important entries in Time Management when I am working with REALTORS® is Family Relationships and Rebuilding Energy by Working Out.  This is followed closely by booking and spending quality time with Friends.  On the surface it would appear that none of this has anything to do with being a REALTOR®, but in my estimation it has everything to do with being a REALTOR®. How important are they to you?  If you don’t schedule, it just won’t happen on its own.

My favourite saying about Real Estate as a profession “The best thing about being a REALTOR®is that you can set your own schedule.  The worst thing about being a REALTOR® is that you can set your own schedule.”  I know that it is crazy business but I fail to understand why we can’t have some control over our time.

We often fail to prioritize; we fail to schedule in our important tasks.  How do we expect to get referrals when we don’t schedule that time to contact and grow our data base!  Real Estate is still a Contact Sport.

I mentioned in a previous post that when I am working with a REALTOR® the first things we schedule for the month are Family Time and Energy Rebuilding Time.  These are the non-negotiable.  They need to be the times when no matter what else happens you are available for the most important person “YOU’.  The next schedule should be doing what you need to do to create business, not always reacting to what is going on around you.

Block out the times when you are going to be doing your phone calls and your notes; your business building times.  Then keep that schedule.  Take the phone off the hook.  Use a recording or have an assistant say that you are busy and that you will return the call at a certain time.  The major advantage is that when you return the call, you already can have the information you need ready…now that would be a time-safer wouldn’t it!  Instead of answering the phone and telling someone you will get the information for them and returning the call at a later time, the proverbial “running around like a chicken with your head cut off.”  You are PREPARED, and as an added bonus, during that time when you have not been answering the phone you have been creating business.

Do you have a Marketing Plan?  Use Social Networking?  Create a Newsletter?  Imagine scheduling in 45 minutes a day just to get these done and sticking to your plan.

The big secret here, is making the schedule and sticking to it.  Returning your calls when you say that you are going to.  It is as simple as putting on your message, for example, that you are in a meeting until 11:00 am and that you will be returning calls at that time.  Please leave a detailed message and then DO WHAT YOU SAY, RETURN THAT CALL AT THAT TIME!  I sometimes wonder why this isn’t done, might be that it is the commitment to do something at a certain time and being organized that gets in the way?

I love mentoring the Richard Robbins MASTERS EDGE program.  The premise of the program is running your Real Estate Business like a Business. .

As you approach a new month or week, pull out your schedule and try it.  It takes 28 days to create a new habit and this one will definitely help you in running your business.

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